I actually do have a writing-life outside of fanfiction!  Sometimes this surprises even me…  I’ve self-published eleven novels so far, but if you go looking for them, please keep in mind when they were written.  Most of these were put together while I was still in late my high-school/early college years, and I sort of cringe a little on the inside when I look at the covers.  So if you want a taste of what I can do now – read my fanfiction.  Or look for the links and snippets on this page!

As of now, I have at least one story that promises to (hopefully) reach a publishable stage in the near future!  Here’s just a taste of it:

The Hendecad  (Until I can think of a better title)
Most of the world doesn’t know about magic, but for those who do, magic depends on one’s ‘sight’: Rifters can ‘see’ the spaces between things, the little ways that the world can fold to make a doorway between two sides of the world – Namers can ‘see’ the True Names of things, and the powers lurking within each rightly spoken word.  Over those who can ‘see’ magic rules the Hendecad, the council of eleven.  But now someone is going out and killing mages… and the problem is, the killer is doing it in a way that no one has ever seen before.  And the real world thinks it’s all suicide.