I seem to write one of two things: either Bond/Q (which is the majority of my posted work) or smatterings of other fandoms.  So here are some links to a few other stories that have absolutely nothing to with 00-agents or MI6!  The links will take you to Google docs where you can see what I’ve written so far.  Note, however, that WIPs from this page may stay WIPs for quite sometime – so read with that caution in mind.

Also, anything inside brackets, bolded, or (especially) words typed in blue are author’s notes – those may or may not make any sense, but realize that this is an active typing page for me.  So when things stop looking like normal text, know that the formal story is still under construction from there on.

Bark and Stammer
**This fic is scheduled to be posted after ‘Tinker‘ (see here)**
This is technically a fic in two fandoms: Skyfall and Sherlock.  John/Sherlock is the main pairing, but there’s also some epic 00Q in here.  This snippet is a bit short (the majority of the fic I’ve hidden elsewhere, so that I don’t lose all of my mystery), so I’ll give a better summary:
When John gets bitten by a mystery dog and earns himself a wound that just won’t heal, Sherlock worries that his past may be coming back to bite him.  Werewolves live in London, even if the general populace doesn’t know it.  Sherlock is one of the few in the know, but he’ll need help explaining if he’s going to tell John not only that Werewolves exist but that he’s been bitten by one.  So Sherlock goes to the biggest employer of Werewolves in the UK: MI6.  Whereupon we all get to meet two very familiar faces…

Warnings: Werewolf AU is more of a tag, less of a warning… but graphic violence is definitely going to be tagged in this.  Moriarty (definitely a warning).

Secrets of War
This is… a bit of an experiment, and written in the Harry Potter fandom.  It’s a bit on the dark side, and will ultimately be Draco/Harry for the pairing.  It’s post-War, and while the Light side won, things definitely veer away from canon at that point…  I’ll let everyone read to find out more!

Warnings: slavery, mentions of violence, injuries (mostly to Draco)

Darkness and Light
Okay, so technically this is a crossover – but since it’s primarily going to be the Harry Potter cast and set in that world, it’s going here!  This story contains extensive notes on later plotting, so if you don’t want too many spoilers, stop when you see type in blue or inside brackets (that always indicates author’s notes).  This is also Draco/Harry, with other pairings that I plan to throw in later.

Warnings: stereotyping, bias against Dark wizards, mentions of torture and rape (only in author’s notes)

King of Hearts
I’ve been trying to get a Teen Wolf fic together for ages, and this is the strongest candidate so far – or, at least, it’s got the most typing in it!  Planned as a Derek/Stiles fic, it’s set in the whole Kanima mess, with Gerard realizing that the one human member of the McCall pack is the weak link he should attack.  Too bad Stiles doesn’t cooperate with being the Achilles’ heal of the operation.  It’s a bit dark, and not light reading thus far.

Warnings: kidnapping, torture, threats, injuries