I’m updating THREE fics at present!!  *topples over because clearly I’m a crazy person*

Aces Grey.  Updated bi-weekly


MI6 employed a broad variety of people with an equally broad array of sexual proclivities – no surprise in a place that trained and equipped international spies. Despite this openminded work environment, however, assumptions were made: obviously 007 was a hypersexual womanizer and the mild-mannered Quartermaster was asexual.

When the reality turns out to be that 007 is ace and Q is actually into submission, life is bound to get more interesting.

Author’s Personal Note:
I just can’t get that summary to sound like I want it to…  Basically, I was given a challenge: write asexual-Bond.  Somehow, that extended to Dom/sub undertones, and now we’re going to see if I can write Dom-ace-Bond with a sub-sexual-Q.  This is going to be a rather interesting ride…

Instinctual.  Posted bi-weekly alongside ‘Nodus Tollens’.

Inside a Werewolf pack, Omegas are prized: they calm everyone around them, like a cool sea on a hot day, making it possible for that many people with fanged alter-egos to live together. The problem is, no pack ever has more than one Omega.

Marcus Rushton lost his pack, and has been learning the hard way how impossible it is to find another one when you’re an Omega. What he’s learning even more is that a lone Omega is wrong – an aberration. A threat. Loved within packs, without one, Omegas are seen like blood in the water, and he’s already spilled enough of it whenever he’s stumbled upon others of his kind…

Werewolves can look very human, and mingle freely with their human counterparts, but Declan Fen (a resident Alpha who just found out that he’s got a lone Omega in his territory) is learning the hard way that Wolf instincts can override just about anything – even the side of him that says he should be nice to Marcus, whom he’s only just met.

Author’s Personal Note:
This is not actually a fandom work – it’s actually an original piece!  This is definitely an angst-fest – so don’t read unless you have a true desire to shed a few tears!!  As my home-page says, of course, happy endings are guaranteed, but this one will definitely put readers through the ringer first.  I literally took any and all angsty feelings have ever had or will have, and dumped them on Marcus…  That being said, this has also been a fun exploration of the A/B/O AU, which has sometimes been a bit squicky to me, so the rules have been heavily augmented and changed.


Tombstone  Posted as my co-writer is able (but already pre-written)

Q’s life is as simple and uneventful as one can only hope for in a world of constant chaos. He is content, thank you very much. He has his shop, the best gun shop in the country, probably, and a bright future of the son of a sheriff, one of the steadiest positions a man could hold in the Wild West. Everything is perfect. Until…

… until a certain James Bond, a wanted fugitive and a force to be reckoned with, enters the town, and Q’s whole life turns to an adventure he never asked for, and which could very well be his downfall. Bond claims that a horrible, blood thirsty bandit named Silva has picked their little town as his latest target, and Q is naive enough to believe him.

Naive… or the only one who sees the truth?

Author’s Personal Note:
This is a co-write, so the style and tone will stand out amongst my other fics.  My co-writer and I took a trip to the past in this one, to the Old West, with gun-shop-owner Q and wanted-outlaw-gunman Bond.  And, of course, we’ve got to have a villain: Silva is on a path to destroy Q’s town, and Bond and Q might be the only thing that can stop him.  Gunfights, semi-successful horseback-riding, and cross-dressing ensues.

Pagan of the Good Times.  Presently updated sporadically.  

So apparently Loki has come to Midgard to stay – and to make a nuisance of himself. There might be more to Loki than wanton destruction, however, and there might also be something more to his sudden interest in Stark…

Alec wouldn’t know anything about that of course.

A story that alternates between plot and fluff-smut – Skyfall and Avengers – logic and chaos. I don’t know where it’s going, but this is where it starts.

Author’s Personal Note:
This is part of a much larger series, the Chaos and Logic Chronicles.  From the start, I told everyone that these would be updated more or less randomly, although at the same time, they were mostly one-shots… then this installment appeared, and it looks like it’s going to be at least a few more chapters long!  Out of all the AUs I have ever written in, this one has been by far the funnest (and funniest) – it was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s book, American Gods.  I’ve taken his world and tweaked it liberally for my own purposes, so you may or may not see any resemblance…