If you’ve followed me for awhile (before this website came into existence), then you may have seen many of my WIPs here on Google Docs.  I’m going to see if I can transition them over to here slowly, but that page will always remain open (even if I don’t plan to update it as regularly as here).

For some of my WIPs, be aware that some are the pages that I actively type on – so there might be notes to myself within.  They will be denoted either with brackets, or in blue (probably both), so you’ll be aware when you’ve left the story-proper and are heading into uncharted (i.e., not fully written) territory.  Feel free to read any notes that are there, just don’t expect them all to make sense!  For the most part, I try and create little ‘snippet’ documents that are just for you to read.

For fics that have moved from WIPs to actually things being posted, check here.



I Will Be Your Scarecrow
For those of you who know my Random Q-ness page, this WIP is listed as “Warlocks AU,” but it’s got a real name now, at least in my head.  I decided to write 00Q in an AU where magic is known – and those who have it are split into two groups: Warlocks/Witches (who have a wide variety of magical powers, and also single-colored eyes), and Casters (who are far less powerful, having usually just one magical niche, and eyes that are a mix of colors, like hazel).  Casters are generally looked down upon for being weaker, but there’s another catch: Casters can get addicted to Warlock/Witch magic… and Q is in the thick of a lot of just that kind of magic, and he’s got an addictive personality…

Warnings: yes, Q gets addicted to Warlock magic (which first means being attacked by the villain, who starts the addiction without Q’s consent)


Bark and Stammer
This is technically a fic in two fandoms: Skyfall and Sherlock.  John/Sherlock is the main pairing, but it’s included on this page because there’s also some epic 00Q in here.  This snippet is a bit short (the majority of the fic I’ve hidden elsewhere, so that I don’t lose all of my mystery), so I’ll give a better summary:
When John gets bitten by a mystery dog and earns himself a wound that just won’t heal, Sherlock worries that his past may be coming back to bite him.  Werewolves live in London, even if the general populace doesn’t know it.  Sherlock is one of the few in the know, but he’ll need help explaining if he’s going to tell John not only that Werewolves exist but that he’s been bitten by one.  So Sherlock goes to the biggest employer of Werewolves in the UK: MI6.  Whereupon we all get to meet two very familiar faces…

Warnings: Werewolf AU is more of a tag, less of a warning… but graphic violence is definitely going to be tagged in this.  Moriarty (definitely a warning).

Black Lotus
This idea actually sort of started while I was co-writing When the Sky Falls, and I got the opportunity to write Bond as a bit of a masochist.  So here, I’m going to see if I can explore that a bit!  It’s a Dom/Sub-verse, with each designation coming with some nifty abilities… and a few exceptions to the rules.  I’m still in the process of setting everything up, but it’s growing slowly!

Warnings: none so far that I can think of