At the moment, I have 20 works in the Skyfall fandom!  That number promises to increase steadily…

You can find them all here on AO3!  Here’s a quick run-down, however, from oldest to newest…

No Rest for the Wingless:
It’s a long fic, but possibly my best.  It’s got wings, a snarky Q who isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with both his coworkers and the villains, a 007 that starts out as a pain but gets better, and possibly one of the creepier Raoul Silvas I’ve ever written.  I look back on it and wonder why I don’t write wing-fics more often…

A quick bit of sexy-fluff.  A one-shot where I decided that adding in vampires would be hilarious, although I tweaked a lot of the conventions.  This was also my first introduction to writing Alec Trevelyan, in all of his sassy glory!  No smut in this one (it took me awhile to learn how to write it well), but still decently hot…

Attack-Dogs Make Great Babysitters:
Yes, yes, I know that this is technically not 00Q – it’s a kidfic.  Q is a somewhat damaged, and very adorable seven-year-old.  Bond would probably prefer to be dealing with an AK-47.  This has got to be the cutest thing I have ever written, and I still go back to read it myself sometimes, just when I need some warm-fuzzies.  There world needs more kid!Q.

He Calls Himself the Quartermaster:
Be aware that this fic is not for the faint of heart!  By this point, I was finally getting good enough to write sexier scenes, but also more gore – so please read and heed all of the warnings on this fic.  It’s dark.  As promised, however, the ending is happy, and if you’re looking for some tough-as-nails Bond and Q, it’s all right here…

The Hand that Holds the Leash:
To be fair, this might be considered by first fic – but I took a year-long hiatus in the middle of it (don’t worry, I stopped at a good place) before coming back and basically giving it a second ending.  So while reading, you might notice a shift in writing style, hopefully for the better.  It’s a bit rough, but definitely has it’s fluffy moments.  It’s also when I realized that I adore sleepy-Q…

When the Sky Falls:
This was a co-write, so the tone feels very different to me from my other fics – a liberal mix of humor, depth, and plenty of angsty feels in both Bond and Q.  I was responsible for writing 007 while my partner wrote Q, and the whole thing picked up speed far faster than either of us anticipated!!  Oh, and there’s just a dash of masochist-Bond and sub-Q in this one, too, as well as explicit smut!

The Chaos and Logic Chronicles:
Okay, so this is actually a series, so I’m cheating.  So far, within this series, I’ve completely posted Of Gods Old and New, A Chaotic Sort of LogicLet a Bit of Chaos In, Pagan of the Good Timesand The Seidr Tales.  On a whole, this series is light, humorous, and smutty.  In fact, it’s probably the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written (said smut mostly concentrated in Part 1 and 3).  Part 2 is a bit more serious, but I’d still classify these three as light, funny, and sexy.  Now, the last one in the list I will definitely mark as angsty – but it’s also more of a side-story, providing background for Loki, and not 00Q-related at all.

Blue-Eyed Monster:
This might possibly be my pride and joy (right up there with my wingfic).  I always write my Qs and 007s a bit ‘different’ in each fic, always taking a facet of the canon characters and exploring it.  In this one, I took the coldness seen in 007.  What happened was a detached, lethal, truly exquisite 00-agent, efficient to the core, and unapologetic about it.  All things considered, Q handles it rather well.  Slow-guild, but I think the eventual smut is worth it!

Bite the Hands that Feeds:
This is another co-write that I did!  The idea had been raised to write in an A/B/O AU with Bond as the Omega, and this was the result.  I was responsible for writing 007, and my partner wrote Q (as seems to be the norm for me co-writing).  The story definitely has a bite to it, and I’ve never written a story that story out with Bond and Q so openly antagonistic of one another (not even ‘No Rest for the Wingless’).  It’s unique amongst my stories both in style and tone.

Three’s Company:
Once again, I’m cheating – this is a multiple-part series!  Basically, I decided that I wanted to write a story where Q was turned into a cat.  So, in each of these stories, Q finds himself in trouble, usually as a cat, and then Bond (or Alec Trevelyan) arrives, and all ends up fluffy and happy!  It’s a university-AU, pre-MI6, although James and Alec’s pending status as agents is mentioned.  It’s also mostly pre-relationship/gen-fic, although I make up for the lack of smut with cuddly kitten-ness.

Sleep When We’re Dead:
This is one of my darker fics, because it includes torture – although said torture isn’t particularly gory.  It’s a one-shot, and largely pre-relationship, although there’s some definite sensuality after 007 gets loose and proves that no one is allowed to hurt his Quartermaster with impunity.  Q is also a stubborn little bugger, proving that strength can come from more than muscle.  So read with caution, but know that the ending is happy.

This is probably the first fic where I can safely say that it’s all smut!  There 00Q relationship is already established, and the boy are comfortable with each other… so much so that when Q gives Bond a new Aston Martin, 007 decides that sex in the middle of Q-branch is a suitable show of gratitude!  This fic is sexy with just enough edge to keep things smoldering, I think, and is a 5999 word one-shot based on a picture of Q handing over the keys of the new Aston Martin.

Alley-Cat Quartermaster:
This all started with a conversation with my Queen of Plotbunnies and Paladin of Writer’s-Block Slaying, MinMu: So many fics include Bond breaking into Q’s flat. What if it was the other way around?  This fic has been terrifically fun to write, especially with MinMu giving me liberal help and ideas along the way!  This is a bit of a rougher fic so far as content goes, but by no means dark.  It also is one of the few where I didn’t have to put the ‘slow build’ tag!  I have a habit of my characters out of each other’s beds for a strenuously long time, but here, I think you only have to wait until chapter 2.

Blind Trust:
This fic was originally started as part of the ’00Q Reverse Big Bang’ event… it only took me a year to complete, almost to the day!  Basically, I was given the opportunity to pick from a list of art-prompts and then write a 5000+ word story about it.  Needless to say, at went way past the word count!  My prompt?  A blind-Quartermaster.  This fic is plot-heavy with a side of feels, and probably one of my lighter fics if you ignore all of poor Q’s angst.

What Telescopes Can See:
This fic, ironically, was also written as part of the ’00Q Reverse Big Bang, but this one was for the 2015-2016 one, and I actually got it all written during the posting time!!  It’s a miracle… and much shorter than my usual works.  My prompt this year?  A mermaid!Q.  I didn’t know how much I’d wanted to write that until I started in on it…  This fic is brief and cute, and also a pre-relationship fic, but definitely with a happy, hopeful ending.  It has since become part of a series, the 00Q Mermaid AU!  Now you can see what became of Bond and Q after their first high-seas adventure… in which pre-relationship turns into smut.

Alate and Aeonian:
So it turns out that I can’t stay away from my wings!AU.  If you look up, you’ll see another fic on this listing that started it all, but it wasn’t until recently that I was coaxed to return to the world where 00-agents are winged.  Both of these stories are far shorter than the original, and are primarily fluff – the latter very literally fluffy, because I found an excuse to make Q five years old…

Nodus Tollens:
This fic has a ‘softer’ tone than many – although it’s no less intense!  I’d never thought to write a kidnapped-not-yet-the-Quartermaster-Q until I agreed to write a gift-fic, and the gift-ee requested it!  Please take not that the original idea was a collaboration – I did the actual writing, but it wouldn’t have even been created without outside help!  This was meant to be short, but instead took nearly half a year and 88027 words to complete.  It was worth it.

I’ll Be Your Light, Your Match, Your Burning Sun
You might recognize the title from a catchy song I can’t get enough of…  The fic itself is a trip into a new AU of mine – in which most everyone at MI6 have special powers, defined by titles that will probably looks familiar: such a Dragons (the 00-agents), Basilisks (M and Moneypenny), and Furies, who have the ability to take the emotions of those around them and calm those emotions.  The most powerful of Furies can even calm a Dragon’s rage.  Q is a Fury, but he is not powerful, but it isn’t long before he gets himself tangled up with a wrathful dragon or two…  Overall, this fic is very fluffy, however, with massive cuddles all around by the end.

Tinker, Tailor, Quartermaster, Spy
I’m really picky about what Alpha/Beta/Omega fics I read, because consent can get so tricky in them – and as a writer/reader, I’ve got a definite ‘consent kink,’ if you will.  So I decided to write what I like to read, and play in the A/B/O fandom.  Alpha Bond gets a mission that requires some Omega arm-candy, but he’s got a limited time to find himself a partner. Fortunately, it turns out there’s an Omega right in the heart of MI6…  Smut ultimately ensues, but hopefully this fic is a new (or at least fresh) twist on the A/B/O ‘verse.  Overall, this fic is fun, light (and a bit sexy by the end).

What’s a Little Pickpocketing Between Friends?
So a miracle has happened: I have written something SHORT!  Under 3,000 words, this fic hints at a world in which Q and Alec aren’t MI6, but work for another team.  However, when they’re tasked with pickpocketing a 00-agent, things don’t quite go as planned…  A brief, fun fic, this story holds a hint of danger like a wolf smiling, and was very fun to write.  The ending is purposefully open-ended.

The [Drinking] Games We Play
Another ficlet (anything short of 10,000 words for me is a ficlet, so sue me) that was born out of pure fun: it’s Moneypenny’s birthday, and she invites pretty much the whole MI6 gang to the party.  I literally looked up drinking games and found the most hilarious ones, and dumped them into a story.  And by the end of it, I also managed to get: James shirtless, Mallory in Alec’s lap, drunken singing, and a certain Quartermaster in 007’s lap.  Pure fluff with a dash of sexy.

Nothing Sane Happens After Midnight
This ficlet was probably written after midnight, and is definitely a bit crack-y: basically, Q’s habit of feeding strays  backfires, and now he’s a feline grandparent (by which I mean a stray cat has kittens in his workshop).  Panic, hilarity, and a lot of cuteness ensues.  It’s definitely only pre-relationship, but still full of feels.  And laughs.  I might actually be rather funny, if I do say so myself…

Spy Games
Another ficlet written right around midnight, this one also has a slightly crack-fic element to it, with 3000-ish words detailing the shenanigans that two bored agents get up to at home when their Quartermaster works late.  I’ll give you a hint: it includes nonlethal weapons, breaking things, and almost no clothes.  It all devolves into pretty funny stuff when Q comes home early.

A heavy-duty angst fic, this is not for the faint of heart.  Read the warnings with care, but if you’re looking to have your heartbroken with a bit of reincarnation!fic (I promise, I put everyone’s hearts back together again), then this is for you.  Basically: Q and James both reincarnate, but only Q remembers it, and he might be slowly losing his mind…

What do you get when Bond is in Russia and ends up using a hapless, bespectacled catboy as a human shield?  You get this fic.  If you’re looking for a fic that mixes fluff and lots of hurt/comfort – and if you’re looking for a Q who has cat years, a tail, and baggage – then this fic might tickle your fancy.  I’m clearly addicted to writing Q as a feline…

Bond Had… Habits
I very much enjoy writing asexual characters, and since I’m already writing ace!Bond in Aces Grey, I figured that a shorter story with ace!Q might be fun, too.  So this fic has lots of sensuality, lots of pining, and hopefully a look at asexuality that some people might find enlightening – and some might find familiar.  A brief warning because someone tries to drug Q’s drink at a bar (but don’t worry, he’s got some 00-agents looking out for him).

My Demons Play Well With Yours
Did you ever wonder what MI6 would be like if Q were a demon?  Well, I was wondering that, too, so I wrote it…  This fic is one of my personal favorites, and is full of vaguely blasphemous humor, Q getting his demon-tail literally pulled by James, and a version of James who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘fear.’  Simply put, demon!Q and human!James get along like a house on fire, with lots of flames and screaming (and a bit of kinky rough-sex in the lower levels of MI6).