I’m still getting used to posting art, so bear with me here!

The 00Q Reverse Big Bang is an amazing events for the Skyfall fandom, in which artists draw art prompts that are later chosen by writers, who make stories for those prompts.  I may not be a stunningly skilled artist, but I do happen to be fast, so I was able to get four pieces done by the deadline!  So here are my pieces – I’ll update links to their stories as they are posted!  Or follow the link above to see aaaaaall of the stories for all of the art-prompts, which started posting as of Jan. 14th.

Those Who Fight Angels by xphil98197
Of Wolves and Angels by ayrtonwilbury (art by me)


Blacktail by Flantastic (art by me)


On the Edge by Aviss (art by me)

Keep him dangerous

Between Realms of Reality by besanii (art by me)