Another shock, perhaps, to some of you: I draw!  In a rather limited fashion, at least, insofar as I favor line-drawings and should probably just give up my day-job and make coloring books.  I won’t post very much here, but you should be able to find absolutely everything that I’ve ever posted on my DeviantArt account.  My art is varied – there’s a bit of fanart, a lot of fantasy, some random attempts at digital art… the list goes on.

On another note, if any of you enjoy a bit of adult-coloring-book time, feel free to color what I’ve drawn!  All I ask is that you show me what it looks like when you’re done, because I almost never color my own art, but love to see what it looks like in something other than black and white.

(Most of the art posted on this site, unless stated otherwise, was probably done by me!  Especially if it’s in black and white…)