The fics are already starting to come in!  I’m going to post links (to AO3,, or google docs) as I can – and if anyone has problems reading, contact me at to tell me.  Also, the warnings are only for triggery things, but obviously look for tags on what fics you can.


A Plan Comes Together by Tazzy_Ladynero (google doc)
Original work!  Summary: When two local boys get caught up in a ruthless gang, it’s up to Absinthe and her Naga partner/lover, Kaseem, to stop the gang and rescue the boys. But who is the real guilty part out of the group? Warnings: cheesy wild west meets fantasy?

Blind Trust Chapter 25 by Only_1_Truth (Ao3)
Skyfall fandom! Summary: The whole fic follows an accident that leaves the Quartermaster of MI6 blind – however, this chapter in particular was finished at long last, and contained some Christmas smut!  (This might be cheating a little bit, but it’s still an offering of sex for the holiday season.) Warnings: in the whole  fic, there is canon-typical violence, but in Ch 25, only hand-feeding chocolate and smut.

Five Times Sherlock Smelled Like Christmas by MinMu (AO3) – fic rec
BBC’s Sherlock fandom! Summary: Sherlock is having a terrible week, with one embarrassing mishap after another. Surprisingly the disasters each leave him smelling like a different aspect of Christmas. He begins to believe that the holiday itself is out to get him. Should he surrender and admit defeat or plan his counter-attack in return? (5 chapters of hilarity that lead to smutty smutness) Warnings: Misuse of Christmas items

Sound of Seduction by DarkJediQueen (Ao3)
Criminal Minds fandom! Summary: Spencer has mastered all the languages he wants, now it’s time for the accents. Aaron doesn’t think that he’s going to survive it. Warnings: None, just a lot of Hotch/Reid smut and accent kink.

Rough Handing Chapter 20 by DarkJediQueen (AO3)
Criminal Minds fandom! Summary: When Spencer joined the BAU he never saw himself getting into a sexual relationship with Hotch. He didn’t see it lasting over seven years either. And, he didn’t see his superior falling in love with him, that really blindsided him. Now Spencer has to decide for himself if the relationship was purely sexual or did he hide his own feelings for his superior. Warnings: Like is says, this is Chapter 20, but the whole fic is smutty. Tiny moment of nightmares/bad memories.

Exhale by Saydria Wolfe (WordPress)
Kingsmen fandom! Summary: BDSM AU – Harry and Eggsy meeting is considerably kinkier than it was in the movie. Warnings: BDSM, and other sexiness outlined on her page (the lovely banner is delightfully NSFW, too).

Gymnastics Training by DC_Derringer (AO3) – fic rec
Kingsmen fandom! Summary: Eggsy likes to show off his gymnastics training to Harry. Harry likes to watch, and then take a little bit more as well. Warnings: light bondage, voyeurism

Tiger, Tiger by manic_intent (AO3) – fic rec
Man From U.N.C.L.E. fandom!  Summary: Ilya is an Omega, and Napoleon an Alpha, but like tigers in heat, it’s actually the tigress (which is definitely Ilya) who calls all the shots. Warnings: A/B/O AU, but atypically written, so it surprisingly dodges all of the usual non-con that comes with it.

Underwood by Hope (AO3) – fic rec
Torchwood fandom! Summary: Porn and paperwork with Ianto and Jack. Warnings: nothing bad, just a bunch of PWP, some mild retraint, and traumatized desk implements

Has the Touch by professionalfangirl (lizeckhart) (AO3) – fic rec
Skyfall fandom! Summary: Bond is good with his hands. Warnings: nothing but porn

A Gentleman’s Guide to Popping One’s Cherry by callay (AO3) – fic rec
Kingsmen fandom! Summary: Eggsy squirms under Harry’s hands. “Stop being a gentleman and fuck me.” / “Eggsy,” says Harry in a low voice. “I’m going to be a gentleman and fuck you.” Warnings: just sexiness as Harry trains Eggsy in the elegance of sex

Ride That Into the Sunset by Waldorph (Ao3) – fic rec
StarTrek fandom! Summary: Jim wants to ride that (and by “that” he means “Spock’s dick”) into the sunset. Warnings: Does misuse of touch-telepathy count as something to be warned about?

Bound by Kryptaria, BootsnBlossoms (Ao3) – fic rec
Skyfall fandom! Summary: “What about submission?” / Q stopped and turned to look at Bond. / Frowning, Bond asked, “Is that a ‘no’?” / “Not at all. Let me explain.” Q took a moment, organising his thoughts properly. “I have a ridiculously stressful job. I make so many decisions — not just what to have for dinner or whether you should be sent to Australia or Iran. Big decisions that affect not just lives but the state of nations.” He paused. “I just need to be taken out of my head sometimes. And however you can do that for me, I’m a willing participant.” Warnings: BDSM, but consent is well worked out; knife-play

Leather and Chrome by Kryptaria, BootsnBlossoms (Ao3) – fic rec
Skyfall fandom! Summary: Sunshine, leather gloves, a Harley. (Basically, motorcycle-smut!) Warnings: no warnings needed

No Question of Consent by Freakylemurcat (AO3) – fic rec
Skyfall fandom! Summary: What with one thing and another, James Bond had never gotten that shag. A few days in the life of James and Q, which starts with bed-cuddles, goes through snark and banter, and ends with naked showering and smut! Warning: no warnings needed

Queing Problems by Codename Carrot (AO3) – fic rec
Skyfall fandom! Summary: Providing sexual services to field agents (especially the double-oh agents) is part of the job of every MI6 employee. Post Skyfall, 007 is grounded for a while until he gets his physical fitness back and is bored enough to order Q to join him for a night. Warnings: dub-con, but not between Bond and Q

Big Happy Family by Juane_Chat (AO3) – fic rec
Avengers fandom! Summary: Tony goes into unexpected heat when Pepper, his alpha, can’t get to him, so she gives him permission for his alpha friends to take care of him. After all, it might be their only chance to start a family. Warnings: Omegaverse, mpreg

Service by Entanglednow (AO3) – fic rec
Merlin fandom! Summary: A ficlet where Arthur commands, and Merlin serves. He just so happens to order him to do things to Lancelot… (Lancelot/Merlin/Arthur). Warnings: sounds dub-con but it’s not. It also technically stops right before the actual smut, but it’s hot, so it’s here.

Cold Snap by MirithGriffin (AO3) – fic rec
BBC’s Sherlock fandom! Summary: The Mayo Clinic prescription for hypothermia is this: Tea. Blanket fort. Sex. All right, it doesn’t come right out and say that on the website. But Sherlock can read between the lines. Warnings: None unless you object to humour with your sex. Smutty and cozy and funny

Definitely Not the Antlers by Faerymorstan (AO3) – fic rec
BBC’s Sherlock fandom! Summary: This series is done completely in text messages and revolves around a OT3 of Sherlock, John and Mary. In this story, Mary has already had John’s baby and is pregnant with Sherlock’s and they are preparing for a big family Christmas with all their family members. It is amazing how much humor, sex and feels can be conveyed with text messages alone. Warnings: no warnings needed

A Night Off from the War by Picascribit (AO3) – fic rec
Harry Potter fandom! Summary: 1980: The war rages on. Lily and her friends need a break, and James has always been a little curious…. (Lily/James/Sirius)  Warnings: no warnings need unless you don’t like threesomes

All in the Name of Science by Bondboy68 (AO3) – fic rec 
Skyfall fandom! Summary: Q believes a machine can give better sexual pleasure than a person, but to test that, he needs a control (Bond, obviously) for comparison. Warnings: no warnings needed

Hand Made Alarms by ArraFrost (AO3) – fic rec
Spiderman/Deadpool fandom! Summary: Peter wakes up with Wade Wilson’s hands down his pajama bottoms. Warnings: technically breaking-and-entering, but Peter doesn’t mind

Christmas with the Morgans by Rivermoon1979 (AO3)
Criminal Minds fandom! Summary: Derek takes Spencer, Aaron and Jack home with him for the holidays. He tells his mom and sisters about the relationship and hopes that they understand. Aaron reflects back on his own life and family issues. The Morgans help him come to understand that he has a bigger family than he ever realized. Warnings: no warnings unless you don’t like Derek/Aaron/Spencer threesoms

Black Cherry by DoraTLG (AO3) – fic rec 
Skyfall fandom! Summary: When Eve drags Bond to Q’s birthday party, he thinks it is the worst idea ever. When Bond drags him into the bed, his first impression slightly changes. Warnings: BDSM, asphyxiation, bondage

Watch by Professorfangirl (lizeckhart) (AO3) – fic rec
SKyfall fandom: Summary: “People said Bond’s body was a tool, a weapon, a blunt instrument. Q suspected that it was none of these things. He had been watching it for seven months now, and had come to the conclusion that Bond’s body was not an implement he used, but the essence of himself, thrown at the world like a spear….Prowling the corridors of MI6 he was a five-foot ten-inch condensation of animal energy. Leaning against a wall in Q section, following Q with his eyes, he was a displaced acre of wilderness in a well-tailored suit, his body hard and alive and brutally beautiful./”Q watched it, always, from the corner of his eye, and wondered what it would be like to touch it without his hands behind his back.”/(A sequel to “Prowl,” but can be read on its own.) Warnings: voyeurism

Candle Glow and Mistletoe by Euseevius (AO3) – fic rec
Hobbit fandom!  Summary: Bilbo and Thorin have been married for six months now. The thing is, Thorin’s family doesn’t know this. And because pretending to be just friends for the three weeks you’re going to spend at the family cabin is so much easier than telling the truth, that is what they will do. (Of course Bilbo has his own ideas of how believable it is for a grown man to bring a friend to spend Christmas with his family. That’s why the make a bet out of it.) Warnings: no warnings needed
Bonus: a youtube video to go with it!

Frenemies with Benefits (and Secret Identities) Ch. 4 by Eebee (AO3)
The Flash fandom!  Summary: Barry’s desperate, and desperation will make you do stupid things — like agree to bone Cold on the regular, no strings attached. It’s a great idea, shut up. (Ch 4: In Which there is Hockey, Lisa, Smut, and Miscommunication.) Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, Captain Cold/The Flash.  Warnings: none except that this is chapter 4, in which there is smut to enjoy!

Feeling Blue by Alex_kade (AO3)
Skyfall fandom! Summary: Aiden introduces one of his fetishes to Alec. Who knew 004 could be so kinky in bed? (006/004) Warnings: no warnings needed, unless you hate wingsmut

I Should Have Bet More by Xphil98197 (AO3)
BBC’s Sherlock fandom! Summary: There are other things than conventional anniversaries to celebrate (Johnlock) Warnings: breathplay

A Christmas Happenstance by Only_1_Truth (AO3)
Harry Potter fandom! Summary: The Hogwarts School for the Gifted and Supernatural had classes year-round, but the dormitories emptied out regularly on holidays as if the students were suddenly becoming allergic to the walls. Both humans and non-humans mingled freely in the surrounding town of Hogsmeade. Draco Malfoy, however, isn’t feeling in the mood after a rather spectacular break-up. That is, until a certain classmate steps out of the elevator onto his floor, looking well-fucked… and ready for another round.  Warnings: no warning needed