Since I’m sure that at least some of us are in the ‘Naughty List’ this year, and we are all fanfiction-minions at hear, a friend of mine came up with the idea of giving the gift that keeps on giving… or coming.  Sex-jokes aside, this Christmas, a group of writers have agreed to post little doses of smutty, sexy goodness!  Some have also expressed an interest in writing Christmas-themed/New Year’s related fics, and I’ve agreed to pos those as well (the more the merrier).

All fandoms are accepted.  For those who didn’t want to write, rec’s are also gladly accepted.  To ensure that everyone can read everything, I’ve gleefully agreed to post all links here.  So read, enjoy, and drop a nice comment or a kudo to the lovely authors!

This event will commence on and around Dec. 25th (vaguely, because of time-differences), and will stay posted here long after that.