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New Banner!

Chestnut has struck again!!  This time she appeared and asked if my cowriter, Xphil98917, wanted a banner for out co-written fic Bite the Hand That Feeds.  Never in this world will I say no to Chestnut’s banners…  Check out more banners she’s made for my works here, which include a link to her wordpress page and writing!  Also be sure to check out the writing of my co-writer, Xphil, who was responsible for writing Q in this fic.


A present from Chestnut!

I’m clearly the luckiest person alive!!  (^u^)  Chestnut_NOLA started reading Nodus Tollens, and even though I distracted her from her own lovely writing (totally check out her stories), she sent me a lovely banner!  The image is on my Banners page, but also should be linked to this post, where I’m shamelessly showing it off.

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