So I finally have a plan.  As of now, of course, I’m updating three fics (two regularly… the third whenever I can) – but I realized that I hadn’t been updating my WIP pages, so here it is: my plans.  You can see on my 00Q WIP page that I have one fic already finished and ready for posting.  The reason for the seemingly sadistic delay is that I will be starting my Masters degree in August, and I know that I won’t have time to write – so having a pre-written fic will make sure that I have something to post while I regain my equilibrium at school, and no one will think I fell off the edge of the earth.  After that, I have a 00Q/Johnlock fic, 18,000 words and counting.  Did I mention that it has Werewolves?

After that, I plan to post one of the two Harry Potter fics listed here.

Now I just have to finish one of my present two fics!!