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More art for the 2017-2018 00Q RBB!

My second art work for the RBB is getting a story soon!  I’m absolutely elated – and will post the link as soon as it comes into creation!  I swear, this is my favorite time of year… better even than Christmas  :3  *vibrates with excitement*

Here’s my second piece!


Art for the 2017-2018 00Q RBB!

I’m so excited!  This year, I was able to enter art for the 00Q Reverse Big Bang – and while the fic isn’t quite posted yet (updates to come on that), this is the art-piece that I was able to cobble together  🙂  I’m already ridiculously eager to see the story that resulted  ❤

Update: HERE IS THE STORY!!  *scurries off to read AtoTheBean’s work*

Addendum to last post…

Random change to my last post: I said that I’d be posting a fic in which Bond and Q had magic (and if you read my 00Q WIPs page, you’ll see it there under I Will Be Your Scarecrow), but I realized I spoke in correctly.  The actually fic I plan to post is called My Demons Play Well With Yours, and I’ll be updating it on the 00Q WIPs page with more updates riiiight after I post this.  (Don’t worry, the magic!AU is not forgotten – it’s just not as closed to finished as demon!Q is.)

*hits post*

A 00Q-fest is coming!!

Sorry for the long radio-silence – graduate school has kept me very busy, but with the summer finally in full-swing, I hope to post more rapidly.  Starting with this nugget of fun: apparently the MI6 Cafe on Tumblr is having a 00Q Festival in July!  If you look at the calendar they have (be sure to look at July), there are different days for different things, so if you go to my 00Q WIPs page, you’ll see that I have FIVE new fics written/planned for the month of July.  So here are my plans:

July 14: Ace/Aro Character day.  I’m writing some ace!Q  😀

July 16-22: Angst Week.  I’ve got reincarnated 00Q, with only Q remembering the reincarnation…

July 18: Crossover Day.  I’ve dump 00Q, Hannigram, Johnlock, and even some Hartwin going on, all in one fic!

July 23-29: Fluff Week.  I wanted Q to have cat ears and Bond to pet them. So I wrote that.

July 26: AU day.  I gave Bond and Q MAGIC!!

(Look on the before-mentioned 00Q WIP page for more extensive summaries of each upcoming fic! Fingers crossed that I can deliver!)

Up and Coming!

So I finally have a plan.  As of now, of course, I’m updating three fics (two regularly… the third whenever I can) – but I realized that I hadn’t been updating my WIP pages, so here it is: my plans.  You can see on my 00Q WIP page that I have one fic already finished and ready for posting.  The reason for the seemingly sadistic delay is that I will be starting my Masters degree in August, and I know that I won’t have time to write – so having a pre-written fic will make sure that I have something to post while I regain my equilibrium at school, and no one will think I fell off the edge of the earth.  After that, I have a 00Q/Johnlock fic, 18,000 words and counting.  Did I mention that it has Werewolves?

After that, I plan to post one of the two Harry Potter fics listed here.

Now I just have to finish one of my present two fics!!

Late Posting

Hey everyone!  For anyone keeping an eye on my fics, I just wanted to give everyone fair warning that this week is going to be late.  Usually I’d update Aces Grey come this weekend, but due to traveling and family (my traveling home to see family), I’m behind in writing!  Ergo, I haven’t sent anything off to be edited yet…

But if it helps, I have half of Part 5 of my Kitten!Q series written!  So when I get the time to write again, there should be many things to read and enjoy!  Apologies for the mini-hiatus, but I’ll be back soon.

More kittens for everyone!

Okay, the title’s a bit weird…  But it’s true!  Hopefully everyone in the Skyfall fandom has been keeping up with this year’s 00Q Reverse Big Bang and enjoying the stories – all thanks to the lovely Mod who ran it.  In thanks to her work, I’ve promised to write a 5th installment to my kitten!Q series, Three’s Company.  As you can see by the image above, I also asked Chestnut to do more art work for me – you can see more of her work on my banners page, as well as links to go and check out more of what she’s done!


*runs off to start writing*

The Reverse Big Bang has started!

If you’ve been looking for new 00Q stories, look no further – the 00Q Reverse Big Bang started this morning, Jan. 14th!  This represents a collaboration of artists and writers working together to make more stuff for the fandom!  I was lucky enough to be one of the artists this year, and I’ve got my pieces up here.  I’ll add links to their stories as they’re posted!


Go!  And joy the art and the stories!

New Fic now started!

So I finally finished up Blind Trust and am now posting Aces Grey – a fic that will feature an ace-Dom-Bond and a sub-Q.  Fingers crossed that I can keep everyone in-character and live up to this new challenge that I’ve set myself!  I’ve once again been blessed by a banner by the lovely Chestnut, so check the banners page (or see it on this post in all it’s glory).

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