I’m going to try and slowly add in (as I feel necessary, or as I can) some pics that I use for character-casting.  Usually, it’s pretty self-evident: if I’m writing 00Q, then Q is obviously Ben Wishaw, and 007 is Daniel Craig.  However, in some cases, I have specific pictures in mind.  Usually, those pictures will show up in the banners, but if that’s not the case, I’m going to try and start posting them here!  This should be especially helpful in original works, especially if/when I start posting them.

Also, some of my WIP google docs already have casting pics – just scroll to the very end of the doc to see if I’ve included them!!

These pages will be sporadic (i.e., some might not have the whole cast, but merely the few that I’ve found pictures for in my random internet rambles).  I totally would love to see any pics that people find that they think fit the characters they see in their heads, so if you have some recommendations for casting pics, feel encouraged to email me at glaux101@hotmail.com.