Blue Eyd Monster

I’m deliriously lucky in two ways: firstly, that Chestnut NOLA, a fellow AO3 writer, showed me how to set up this site, and secondly, that she is also taking the time to make banners for my works!!  This is the first one, for ‘Blue-Eyed Monster,’ and I’m already in her debt.  I think she caught Bond’s iciness just right…  As you can see, it’s also the header for this site.

Below is another one – this one for ‘He Calls Himself the Quartermaster‘!  Chestnut managed to really capture the sense of perpetual roughness and caution I was always writing into this fic, and it’s fantastic.


A third reason for me to be thankful to Chestnut, and praise her works!  I asked her to do a banner for my series, the Chaos and Logic Chronicles, and I specifically was thinking about the part in the second installment (A Chaotic Sort of Logic), where 007 gets a brief taste of what a logic-mark feels like – in the story, James gets a binary-based mark on his chest, but I always imagined a New God’s ‘mark’ to look like a barcode, so I asked for that – and Chestnut more than delivered!!  See the picture bellow:

Chaos and Logic

Nodus Tollens only just barely started to be posted when – lo-and-behold! – I find a new treasure from Chestnut in my inbox!!  She’s improving her banner-making skills with incredible speed, to the point where I expect to see her work up someplace famous within the month.  Here’s the banner of Nodus!  The first is without glasses – the second, edited to make Q more familiar to those of us who like him bespectacled.

Nodus Tollens-1

Nodus Tollens2

Alley-Cat Quartermaster‘ is actually one of my shorter fics, unbelievably, and from the start I was tickled and delighted by how much people liked it.  I never expected to get a surprise banner-gift from Chestnut, however – it was like finding a Christmas present in my inbox early.  I love that classic picture, with the other images woven in and showing just how tangled up I wanted these two to be…

Alley-Cat Quartermaster

A new banner for a fic that I co-wrote: Bite the Hand the Feeds.  In this story, I wrote Bond, and the lovely Xphil98197.  This story probably includes the most antagonistic Bond I have ever written – and Xphil wrote the sweetest and most patient Q.  Both Bond’s rough edges and Q’s saint-like dedication to him was totally captured in Chestnut’s work here!


All right, here’s a banner that I requested from Chestnut for a fic called Aces Grey.  The challenge to me, this time, was to see if I could write Bond as asexual.  Somehow, in the mix, he also became a Dom, and Q became a sub…  I’m already extra excited because of how beautifully this banner turned out!


So I started writing a drabble ages ago in which Q turned into a kitten… and it’s since grown into a whole series that I just can’t stop writing!  So I finally nudged my favorite artist, Chestnut, and asked if she could make me a banner for it.  With all of the characters involved (and their alternate shapes), I’m doubly impressed with her wonderful results!

Threes Company Banner Final

A banner for a smutty fic that has a special place in my heart, Of Gods Old and New.  It all started with a few ‘hand porn’ pictures (those of you who think that hands are sexy will hopefully understand immediately), and suddenly I needed another banner… and Chestnut was once again kind enough to offer her services.  She definitely captured the tone of this fic.

Of Gods Old and New

Check out Chestnut’s works on AO3 or on WordPress!  She’s fabulous and multitalented.