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June 2017

Addendum to last post…

Random change to my last post: I said that I’d be posting a fic in which Bond and Q had magic (and if you read my 00Q WIPs page, you’ll see it there under I Will Be Your Scarecrow), but I realized I spoke in correctly.  The actually fic I plan to post is called My Demons Play Well With Yours, and I’ll be updating it on the 00Q WIPs page with more updates riiiight after I post this.  (Don’t worry, the magic!AU is not forgotten – it’s just not as closed to finished as demon!Q is.)

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A 00Q-fest is coming!!

Sorry for the long radio-silence – graduate school has kept me very busy, but with the summer finally in full-swing, I hope to post more rapidly.  Starting with this nugget of fun: apparently the MI6 Cafe on Tumblr is having a 00Q Festival in July!  If you look at the calendar they have (be sure to look at July), there are different days for different things, so if you go to my 00Q WIPs page, you’ll see that I have FIVE new fics written/planned for the month of July.  So here are my plans:

July 14: Ace/Aro Character day.  I’m writing some ace!Q  😀

July 16-22: Angst Week.  I’ve got reincarnated 00Q, with only Q remembering the reincarnation…

July 18: Crossover Day.  I’ve dump 00Q, Hannigram, Johnlock, and even some Hartwin going on, all in one fic!

July 23-29: Fluff Week.  I wanted Q to have cat ears and Bond to pet them. So I wrote that.

July 26: AU day.  I gave Bond and Q MAGIC!!

(Look on the before-mentioned 00Q WIP page for more extensive summaries of each upcoming fic! Fingers crossed that I can deliver!)

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