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February 2016

Late Posting

Hey everyone!  For anyone keeping an eye on my fics, I just wanted to give everyone fair warning that this week is going to be late.  Usually I’d update Aces Grey come this weekend, but due to traveling and family (my traveling home to see family), I’m behind in writing!  Ergo, I haven’t sent anything off to be edited yet…

But if it helps, I have half of Part 5 of my Kitten!Q series written!  So when I get the time to write again, there should be many things to read and enjoy!  Apologies for the mini-hiatus, but I’ll be back soon.


More kittens for everyone!

Okay, the title’s a bit weird…  But it’s true!  Hopefully everyone in the Skyfall fandom has been keeping up with this year’s 00Q Reverse Big Bang and enjoying the stories – all thanks to the lovely Mod who ran it.  In thanks to her work, I’ve promised to write a 5th installment to my kitten!Q series, Three’s Company.  As you can see by the image above, I also asked Chestnut to do more art work for me – you can see more of her work on my banners page, as well as links to go and check out more of what she’s done!


*runs off to start writing*

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