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January 2016

The Reverse Big Bang has started!

If you’ve been looking for new 00Q stories, look no further – the 00Q Reverse Big Bang started this morning, Jan. 14th!  This represents a collaboration of artists and writers working together to make more stuff for the fandom!  I was lucky enough to be one of the artists this year, and I’ve got my pieces up here.  I’ll add links to their stories as they’re posted!


Go!  And joy the art and the stories!


New Fic now started!

So I finally finished up Blind Trust and am now posting Aces Grey – a fic that will feature an ace-Dom-Bond and a sub-Q.  Fingers crossed that I can keep everyone in-character and live up to this new challenge that I’ve set myself!  I’ve once again been blessed by a banner by the lovely Chestnut, so check the banners page (or see it on this post in all it’s glory).

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