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December 2015

Merry Smutmas!

Hope everyone is having a happy day – and if you’re not, there are now some fics to read on the Smutmas page.  There’s lots of variety, and some are smutty chapters attached to longer fics, so hopefully there will be at least a little smutty present to everyone’s taste  😉

Want to participate? Just wrote something smutty? Maybe just have an awesome, PWP fic rec?  Email me at


Posting has started for Smutmas!

Like the title says, posting has already started for Minion Mass/Merry Smutmas!  All posted links to stories can be found on this page, and I’ll update as fast as I can over the next few days.  If you’re interested in writing or hearing my quick summary of the event, you can find a bit more detail here.  Hopefully everyone enjoys and has a great holiday season  😀

New Fic Soon!

This is a double-announcement: firstly, look at the lovely banner that Chestnut made for me!!  This time I actually went out and metaphorically tugged on her sleeve, because I wanted a banner for my next fic (check out all of the other banners she’s made for me here).  Secondly, Aces Grey is scheduled to be my next fic.  As soon as the last chapter of Blind Trust is posted (a million apologies for how long that last chapter is taking), I’ll post the first chapter that I’ve already written for Aces Grey.  As of now, you can take a peak at that first chapter on my Google docs WIP page, but I’ll give you a hint at the challenge I’ve given myself: 007 is an asexual Dom, and Q just happens to be a sub in his spare time…  Q knows about Bond’s asexuality, but what will he do when he learns about Bond’s additional knowledge in the Dom/sub world?

New Banner!

Chestnut has struck again!!  This time she appeared and asked if my cowriter, Xphil98917, wanted a banner for out co-written fic Bite the Hand That Feeds.  Never in this world will I say no to Chestnut’s banners…  Check out more banners she’s made for my works here, which include a link to her wordpress page and writing!  Also be sure to check out the writing of my co-writer, Xphil, who was responsible for writing Q in this fic.

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