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November 2015

Banner for Alley-cats!

So I just finished writing ‘Alley-cat Quartermaster‘ (well, posting, technically… I got it all written previously but portioned out the chapters and got them edited over time), and was already drowning in lovely comments and kudos, and then this beauty appears in my inbox!! Chestnut made me another banner!!!

Check out other banners that she’s been wonderful and gracious enough to give me with here.


Finally finished!

I’ve now posted the last chapter of ‘Alley-Cat Quartermaster‘!  It’s been a fun fic to write, and I’m both proud and sad to see it all posted.  Now I get to edit my WIP page and my Posting page to reflect all of this…

New Work Posted!

I just wrote a new story, which I’ve gifted to Tsuyu, an awesome writer herself – she posted the picture you see above, with the prompt of James thinking, “What can I give him back to top this?”  Of course, I read it wrong: I read, “What do I have to do to have him on top of this.”  The fic ‘Re-Gifting‘ ensued…  So much porn.  I have no shame.

Nodus Banner Update!

As you can see, Chestnut did some editing to give Q the iconic glasses we know and love!!

A present from Chestnut!

I’m clearly the luckiest person alive!!  (^u^)  Chestnut_NOLA started reading Nodus Tollens, and even though I distracted her from her own lovely writing (totally check out her stories), she sent me a lovely banner!  The image is on my Banners page, but also should be linked to this post, where I’m shamelessly showing it off.

New Banners!

Just like it says: thanks to Chestnut_Nola, I’ve got some new banners!!  They’re awesome, and gorgeous, and are uploaded on the ‘Banners‘ page.  I’ve never been so elated to be someone’s guinea pig as they practice a new and awesome skill…

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