So I’ve been trying to set up an author page for myself for ages, and I think I’m finally figuring it out!  A quick note on navigation: most everything is self-explanatory, except for the fact that my most recent activity will be under ‘New Posts.’

On to fun things!

Some of you might know me – if you frequent AO3 (specifically, the ‘Skyfall’ fandom) you might have seen my pseud come up!  Under Only_1_Truth, I write 00Q, as well as a smattering of other pairings (Drarry, Spideypool, Destiel, and I might be dipping my toe into the Avengers fandom and White Collar).

Besides that, I’ve written at least one original work so far.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use this site to show off a bit of both my fandom work as well as more originals works – and any random WIP-drabbles that anyone wants to take a peak at!

If you don’t know me, but somehow still found this page… hi.  Welcome!  My pen-name in pretty much any site that I’m on is Only_1_Truth, which actually comes from a book series – the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.  This is also what happens when I’m given a limited amount of time to think of a name on a fanfiction website… Anyway: read away! Find something you like!  Have fun!  Enjoy yourselves.  Any questions?  Feel free to email me a